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Do you want to learn how to turn your boring photos into big ‚Wow‘ 3D stl files of flat lithophanes, lamp lithophanes, night light lithophanes, and more? Continue reading below to know  how cool it is to make your own lithophane model. But first let us define lithophane? Lithophanes are the most unique and super creative way to enhance your favorite photos into 3D printed photos that can only be seen when illuminated behind. So how do you make a 3D lithophane? You can make use of  user-friendly online 3D lithophane maker software. Nowadays,  a lot of people are using it and one of these is What Makes Online 3D Lithophane Maker Special or Relevant Long ago, lithophanes were carved from wax, moulded in plaster, then melted and baked in porcelain which dated back in the nineteenth century. But now, emerging new technology like 3D printing makes it more…