Automatischer Drehteller Scan in a Box


Turntable for automatic 360° scans, extension for Scan in a Box 3D scanner.

Objects up to 20 cm in diameter / load capacity up to 10 kg / ≤ 4 seconds per scan

  • Availability:  from stock > delivery time 5-10 working days

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Use the full range of functions of the  Scan in a Box 3D scanner by combining this automatic turntable with the proven IDEA software (from version 1.1).

Connect the turntable to unlock the new scan mode in the IDEA software.

Benefit from the full efficiency through the automatic axis adjustment.

The Scan in a Box turntable is an optional accessory that is sold separately here. It requires the Scan in a Box 3D scanner.


  • More efficiency in the workflow.
  • Increased productivity through time savings.
  • More control and automation, with less user effort.

Scan in a Box automatic turntable in the video

Scan in a Box Tutorial 3D scan with turntable